Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eye cancer and how to cause it.

Welcome to my informitatve guide on how to make yourself bleed out your eyes!

Step 1: Activate World of Warcraft and log in.
Step 2: Stare at your screen for at least 3 hours a day, while having a poopy user interface.
Step 3: Raid with that UI, having seizures from numbers flying at your face and cluttering your screen.
Step 4: Keep playing like that for months. Eye cancer achieved!

So, after my helpful guide, I bet you're asking yourself how to make that not happen. Well, you could stop playing Wow, but we all know that isn't going to happen. So what can we do to prevent seepage from the eyes? Well dear reader, I have a solution, STOP USING THE DEFAULT TEXTURES FOR ADDONS THAT LOOK SHITTY. Ahem, 'scuse me. As I was saying, make your UI look good. Unknown to apparently half of all raiders, omen doesn't have to look like a 1000 year old piece of shit. Addons are there because you don't like to default blizzard UI, or you need more information. They don't need to be blocks on you're screen that are so unalike in looks it's painful. If you can play with the default UI, with maybe just grid or vuhdo to help with healing, or just omen to see if someone's creeping up on your threat, that's fine. But to you people that edit your entire UI, and it looks like someone spermmed addons all over your screen, could you maybe clean it up? You don't need some super fancy UI, with flashy shit flying all around you, but it needs to be clean. I always have four criteria for when I edit my UI.

1: Keep everything the same texture/font/style to make it look clean and seamless.
2: Have all necessary information close to my main focus on the screen, for example DXE and omen, and cooldowns.
3: Keep non essential information to the side, small and faded out. My buffs are small, right above my bottom left corner and a low alpha.
4: Have everything aligned with each other so that I don't have a mountain range or addons from one side of the screen to the other.

These make it easy to edit a UI. It makes me able to configure a UI exactly how I need it to look, and I can make it pretty.
All of my information is centered, everything is leveled with eAlign, and all my textures and colors are the same. Everything flows. And guess what people that use the parchement texture for omen, it doesn't look like someone came all over your screen. Sure this might be a little cluttered to some people, but I think that by having everything under 25% of my screen, I have a huge viewport of what is important. What do your UI's look like? Does it look like a dirty hooker's been working on top of it, or is it clean?

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