Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pumping in some new to Wow.

Most player experience burnout because they are bored with that they are doing. I know that for a while, playing my shaman was the last thing I really wanted to do, my solution? Make a paladin and do something completely different. For me, I'd played my shaman in one form or another for almost 5 years, it was time for something different. So along came the paladin tank, and with it a reason to continue playing. However, you can only do the same 5 man so many times before you get bored again. So, instead of making a new character and leveling another 80, I decided to do something I'd never really done before. I made a conscious effort to get achievements. Titles mostly, from reputation, and quests. I got the Argent Champion title in about 10 hours of grinding, and the Bloodsail Admiral title in about 3 hours. I did these with friends over a few days, and it was a blast. It wasn't about raiding, or being leet, we just wanted to do something new for us, and have a good time. We are currently getting set to start on the Loremaster title, going Explorer on the way. Sure, these might not be the most fun things in the game, but we are working at something concrete, with a tangible reward, instead of a promise of one like raiding. Now that we are doing titles, and some of the achievements in heroics, we all have a reason to keep playing besides raiding. I'm not a hardcore raider, or even a steady raider anymore. I did that for 4 and a half years, I'm ready for something new, and with the loss of my hate for achievements, I've found it.

I know a lot of people feeling burnt on the game. People that have played for so long that nothing, not even new bosses are new. People that started eight months ago but have done everything worth doing. Cataclysm prmises to bring something new into Wow, but I'm not convinced it will last. New races are cool, but they are just models that are already in the game that are now playable. The new raids might be cool, but with more than five years of content, how many more mechanics can blizzard come up with? The new zones are goingto be new, but again, five years of stuff. What I'm more looking forward to are the quests. The quests that shipped with Wow are shitty, we all know it. Going across zones and continents to complete one quest is stupid. Burning crusade was better, but not by much, it was still just gathering things and killing X number of mobs. Wrath brought more decent quests, phasing was one of the coolest things in the game, and leveling from 68-80 was just as fun the second time around. After five years, I think blizzard will really impress us with the new expansion.

But until then, we all need to find something more to entertain us. My plan is to work on titles and achievements that get me something, but I know that isn't for some people.
1: Try and do some PvP or arenas. If you do them with friends, it can be really fun.
2: Go back and go some of the old school raids, they might be easy now, but they are still fun to do. And not all of them are a breeze.
3: Collect things, mounts, pets, even titles. They are a good way to kill time and you can stretch your epeen a little.
4: Like me, go for achievements. Some of them are really cool to do.
5: Make a new alt, do something you haven't done before. Level with friends, guildies, or even your significant other if you have one.
6: This is probably just my OCD talking, but I find that if you like addons, making your own UI is a really good way to kill some time, and you can get to know what you actually need to see while raiding, or whatever you do for fun.
That's it for now, I have titles to get and time to waste. If you're ever bored, or looking for a little change, do some of the thing I do, or find something else you want to do. I know one person that is a video maker, and on her spare time not raiding, she is going to make a video of the entire world of Azeroth before Cataclysm. Do what you need to do, but keep it fresh, keep it interesting, but more importantly keep it fun.

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