Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guilds R 4 raids.

For the past, maybe two to two and a half months, myself and my friends that I've played with for upwards of a year have been looking for a guild that we could confidently call home. We'd server transfered upon me realizing that Mug'thol was the shittiest server in the game, and we finally plopped down on good old drenden, my old server full of fond memories and people I'd rather not talk too. We looked and looked for a guild that raided, but on a laid back schedule, because none of us wanted to spend 15 hours raiding like some people do. It took a group of great people with no skill whatsoever, a guild where I was immediately kicked on entering because I didn't have the gear for ICC 25 to finally find our fit. I would just like to point out to any guild master, or officer, that the first thing you say to a new guild member, is not "Get yourself to 40k unbuffed by Saturday for ICC 25 or you won't raid with us". Well turd sucker, I would love to get to 40k unbuffed, but seeing as Saturday was two days away, that might be difficult. Also, get fucked. So we were on the look again, my partners in asshattery were still pumped to find a guild and get into ICC. Myself? Well I'd pretty much given up, it's difficult to find a giuld that can get anywhere that will also accept three people. Usually they only need one or two of you, or they need 80's so badly they don't care what you are. But in the end, we found our home by way of random whisper from someone in Dal. Usually, like most people I suspect, I was about to completely ignore this guy. But the way he approached it was amazing.
             "Hey, we're looking for a few members to join our ranks. We have great people, we raid when you want to raid, and we get content down. Come try us out, and if it's not a fit, you can leave, it not a problem for anyone."
Now I've been in a large number of guilds over the years, and that may be the first time I've ever gotten a random whisper that actually made something happen. Of course as the asshole that I am, I start making fun of this guy in vent, making shots at his guild name and the like. "Inconceivable? Well it is Inconceivable the I'll join your guild." But we kept talking, and I actually liked the guy. I told him it'd be a package deal, he'd get me and two of my friends. Most people say it's ok, but are kinda worried when they get a group of people that already know each other. But enough of about that, we joined, talked to all the people and raided about two days later. We moved into Ulduar, by far my favorite raid in WotLK. In about two hours we killed eight bosses, which as some people had never been there before was impressive to me. Some of the fights in ulduar are tough, even if you outgear the content. If you don't have aware healers and mobile dps on Hodir you're going to wipe even if you out gear it. So needless to say, I love our new guild, and I might be in love, because the GM's either girlfriend or wife is as big of an addon junkie as me, which is awesome.

So, Inconceivable of Drenden is now moving into ToC and ICC, getting ready to rip up some baddies in Northrend. All I have to say is fucking finally.

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